Aria Wang, PT, BSc

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      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Jing'an)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Yangpu)
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      普通话,  English

    Aria WANG graduated from Shanghai University of Sport in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Rehabilitation. She received training on clinical physical therapy at the First Rehabilitation Hospital of Shanghai. Later she serviced as an intern for 1 year in the AT department of the Shanghai Disney Resort, during which she assisted cast members with preventative measures including avoidance and adjustments of risky actions for the performance, as well as rehabilitation exercises after the performance. She provided pre-match protective support and post-match stretching support in the Shanghai Marathon, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour and other sports events. 

    After graduation, Aria joined Jiahui Health. Specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation, she is skilled with athletic tape, kinesiology tape, leuko tape, self-adherent wrap and other kinds of tape. With the help of physical therapy equipment, she provides appropriate treatments and instructions for orthopedic post-operative patients and patients with acute or chronic sport injuries. Such services include joint mobilization, nerve mobilization, stretching exercises, myofascial release and muscle energy technology (MET), as well as core stability training, muscle strengthening and spinal flexibility training, sling exercise therapy (SET), postural correction exercises, etc. She can evaluate risks of injury with the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) tool, and make appropriate exercise plans for people who are in sub-health state, expect better benefits from exercises or want to lose weight. She will also provide exercise instructions and regular training to help prevent possible sports injuries.


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