SHEN Yiping, PHD

    • Department:
      • Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English

    Prof. SHEN Yiping is a currently distinguished consultant for genetic medicine in Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. Prof. Shen received his Ph.D. from Upstate Medical University in the United States. He is an assistant professor and the director of the medical genetics training program at Harvard Medical School. Including a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. In China, Prof. Shen is a guest professor of college of Life Sciences of Fudan University. He is also a distinguished professor、Ph.D. supervisor、and chief of genetics department in Shanghai Children's Medical Center. Prof. Shen is an internationally renowned genetic expert in the field of rare genetic diseases 、diagnosis and consultation. He has been actively engaged in the research and practice of rare genetic disease and diagnosis for 20 years. Therefore, he is deeply committed to providing the best molecular diagnosis and genetic consulting services for genetic disease patients. Prof. Shen is actively participating in a variety clinical testing technologies and testing projects, with several US and Chinese invention patents and scientific research results.

    As a founding member in 2015, Professor Shen and He Lin, an Academic are joint proponents for the establishment of the Genetic Counseling Branch of the Chinese Genetics Society and the implementation of the genetic counselor training class programs. At the same time, he served as a member of Control Consultant Expert Committee of March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation of China. Including being an expertise in the field of birth defect prevention and treatment personnel training programs. He participates in the national genetic counseling, formulation of genetic diagnosis policy and assessment training. He makes contributions to the training of Chinese genetic counseling professionals and promoting the standardization, professionalization and regularization of genetic counseling in China.

    Prof. Yiping SHEN's genetic counseiling fee is RMB 2,000 and the deposit is RMB 1,000.


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