• Department:
      • Ear
      • Nose
      • Throat
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English

    Dr. Qi LU graduated from the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine with a Master's degree in otolaryngology head and neck surgery, and completed his residency in the Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University. He once engaged in clinical work in the Department of Otolaryngology of Shanghai Ninth People's hospital.

    Dr. Lu Qi has rich clinical experience in otolaryngology and is good at the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in Otolaryngology for adults and children, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, epistaxis, otitis media, external auditory canal inflammation, obstructive sleep breathing disorder, hearing impairment, etc.


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