Well-Baby Vaccination & Checkup Package

    Bring your child to Jiahui Clinic (Jing'An) for a vaccination no matter how old he/she is!
    Our pediatricians will help your child develop and grow to their potential, protecting your child during the crucial years of childhood.

    • Safe, evidence-based, and quality-assured
    All the vaccines at Jiahui Clinic are in compliance with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and strictly controlled for quality, you can be assured that our vaccines are safe for your child to receive.

    • Personalized care to ensure your baby's successful growth
    In addition to vaccination, you child will also receive comprehensive care, from development assessment, nutrition guidance, to prevention and treatment of common diseases.

    • Caring from 1-12 months, to beyond
    Our vaccination and well-baby checkup service can extend further for children above 1-year-old with a comprehensive list of available vaccines for the rest of your child's growth journey.

    1-12 Months well-baby vaccination & assessment package
    • ¥9,600 (including PCV-13 vaccines)
    • ¥7,380 (excluding PCV-13 vaccines)

    1-24 Months well-baby vaccination & assessment package
    • ¥13,000 (including PCV-13 vaccines)
    • ¥10,200 (excluding PCV-13 vaccines)

    Please call 400-868-3000 for more vaccination program information.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Promotional offer valid for a limited time only. Special prices valid till March 31, 2020.  
    2. Unused package services cannot be refunded or exchanged for other service items except under special circumstances; Services not included in the package are subject to additional charges.
    3. Our doctors may adjust the immunization schedule due to individual differences.
    4. Jiahui Health follows the Shanghai CDC immunization program guidelines and may adjust the immunization schedule and vaccine suppliers accordingly.


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