Pain-free Permanent Hair Removal  

    Imported LumenisLightsheerDuet® and Candela GentleLase Pro-U® hair removal system allows for more complete hair removal with greatly decreased treatment time. Underarm hair removal can be completed in as little as 4 minutes, and full legs as little as 15 minutes. The exclusive cooling technology is safe and pain-free, effectively protecting you for smooth skin with little effort.


    •  Lip hair removal package:  3,680/8 treatments (Retail price: 4,000)

    •  Armpits hair/bikini hair removal package:  3,680/6 treatments (Retail price: 4,800)

    •  Upper & lower arm/limb hair removal package: 5,580/6 treatments (Retail price: 7,200)

    Arm pit hair removal (after 3 treatments)

    Jaw hair removal (after 3 treatments)

    *Package prices not applicable to insurance payments. Jiahui Health reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion. 

    *The before and after photos are for reference only. Skin treatment solutions, charges and benefits may vary depending on patient's skin condition and treatment areas.

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