Sensitive Skin Repair

    The Anti-Sensitivity Expert uses a unique ultrasonic cleaning export + electromagnetic wave hydrating repair skin barrier + anti-inflammatory light treatment technology that deeply cleans the skin, stimulates collagen regeneration, increases skin blood oxygen supply, thereby strengthening skin metabolism, restore skin barrier function, and increase resistance to external stimuli.

    Anti-Sensitivity Expert Treatment

    •  Single treatment: 1,500

    •  Course package: 6,000/6 treatments (Retail price: 9,000)  Anti-Sensitivity Expert +OPT Laser Treatment

    •  Single treatment: 2,600 (Retail price: 3,500)

    •  Course package: 15,000/6 treatments (Retail price: 21,000)

     Before                      After

    *Package prices not applicable to insurance payments. Jiahui Health reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion. 

    *The before and after photos are for reference only. Skin treatment solutions, charges and benefits may vary depending on patient's skin condition and treatment areas.

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