Jiahui Health, an international healthcare ecosystem in China, aims to build a life-long relationship with individuals and families to provide comprehensive world-class healthcare.

Our integrated healthcare system consists of a 500-bed international hospital, a network of clinics and a wellness center. We provide safe, reliable and comprehensive healthcare services for all members of your family at different stages of life, including health management, ER, outpatient care, surgery, inpatient services and international medicine. Through our unique strategic collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, we deliver leading global healthcare combined with China’s most advanced medical expertise.

We are committed to providing you with caring, convenient healthcare services at the best value. Our patients are cared for by our highly-qualified international team. More than 25% of Jiahui Health's physicians are from outside China, with three leading physicians serving joint appointments at both Jiahui Health and Massachusetts General Hospital. Our healthcare professionals will enable you to fully understand your health status and treatment choices, while engaging you and your family in selecting the best care through open communication. Our centers can be found throughout Shanghai, each in easily accessible locations. In addition, our digital platforms allow you to make appointments and manage your health profile more conveniently. We also provide direct billing services with most major insurance companies to ensure that your visit is as smooth as possible.

Since 2016, we have been working with a large portfolio of Fortune 500 corporations, international schools, consulates, chambers and private banks to optimize their employees' health benefit plans and upgrade health management programs for their clients. Jiahui Health also serves as an exclusive medical service provider to support a range of sports teams and events, providing medical coverage for professional athletes as well as sports enthusiasts.


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