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    • Neurology is a clinical discipline that studies the etiology and pathogenesis, pathology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and skeletal muscle diseases. Nervous system diseases include cerebrovascular disease (cerebral infarction, transient ischemic attack, cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage), central nervous system infection, tumors, trauma, degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases, toxic diseases, congenital anomalies, nutritional metabolic disorders and various difficult neurological diseases.

      Jiahui's neurologists have rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the nervous system, including cerebrovascular disease, dizziness, headache, facial paralysis, neuralgia, insomnia, anxiety and depression, limb numbness, Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, epilepsy, dementia, etc. We are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness and headache, and in prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. The vertigo clinic, jointly operated by Neurology and Otolaryngology, is dedicated to providing individualized diagnosis and treatment for difficult vertigo patients through multidisciplinary cooperation.

    • Nervous system diseases are mainly manifested as dysfunction of motor, sensation, reflex, coordination, cognition and autonomic nerves system, such as dizziness, headache, dysarthria, deflection of angle of mouth, hemiplegia, limb numbness, ataxia, slow movement, tremor, aphasia, memory loss and so on.

      There is a great variety of nervous system diseases. Clinically common diseases are: Migraine、Facial paralysis、Neuromyelitis optical、Tension-type headache、Peroneal nerve palsy、Central nervous system infection、Cluster headache、Lateral femoral cutaneous neuritis、Epilepsy - generalized seizure、Vertigo disease、Guillain-Barre syndrome、Epilepsy - partial seizure、Cerebral infarction、Parkinson's Disease、Hemifacial spasm、Transient ischemic attack、Multiple system atrophy、Blepharospasm、Cerebral hemorrhage、Alzheimer's disease、Dystonia、Subarachnoid hemorrhage、Motor neuron disease、Nervous system hereditary disease、Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis、Myasthenia gravis、Insomnia、Trigeminal neuralgia、Spinal cord disease、Anxiety disorder、Oculomotor paralysis、Multiple sclerosis、Depression.

    • Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital has much experienced professionals with world-class equipment. Department of Neurology has established in-depth cooperation with departments of laboratory, imaging, pathology, and other sub-specialties of internal medicine. We are strong in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. The comprehensive inpatient ward and ICU have played important roles in the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of critically ill patients with neurological diseases. 

      Dr. Jeffrey Li is a specialist in neurology with more than 10-year experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. He is an expert in vertigo and has in-depth research in this area. The vertigo clinic, led by Dr. Li, provides high-quality interdisciplinary professional services for patients with vertigo and dizziness.

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      Service NamePrice UnitPrice
      BPPV repositioning maneuverPer time500
      Specialist consultation feeper visit500-1500
      MRI without contrast, single anatomical positionper scan3000
      MRI with contrast, single anatomical positionper scan5000

      * Specific fees are determined by the physician according to the complexity of the patient’s condition. Jiahui Health reserves the right of price interpretation and adjustment. All prices are indicated in RMB.


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