Eric LI, MD

    • Department:
      • Pediatric Surgery
      • Surgery
      • Pediatric Paronychia Clinic
      • Pediatric foreskin Assesment
      • Pediatric Hernia Clinic
      • Pediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic
      • Pediatric Surgery
      • Pediatric Undescended testicle clinic
      • Pediatric concealed penis clinic
      • Pediatric Surgery
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Jing'an)
      • Jiahui Health (Suzhou)
      • Jiahui Health (Hangzhou)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English

    Dr. Eric LI obtained his Master Degree of Pediatrics from Fudan University in 2008, and worked in Shanghai Children's Hospital in the same year. He is the first doctor who performed single port laparoscopic hernia repair and pyloromyotomy in Shanghai Children's Hospital. he was selected to join shanghai young physicians training programme and was recommended to train overseas in Osaka maternal and children's medical center, Japan, and Cincinnati Children's Hospital, the 3rd best children's hospital in USA for over 1 year. In 2015, Dr. Li joined in Redleaf and started his high end medical service. As the chief of the pediatric surgery department, he set up the department and operates smoothly.  With over 10 years of clinical and research work in pediatric surgery, Dr. Li accumulated extensive experience in treating common diseases in pediatric surgery and as a team member to diagnose and treat the severe diseases such as infectious shock and acute pancreatitis and other rare disease including conjoint twins and Giant bladder-small bowel-bowel movement dysfunction syndrome. He specializes in laparoscopic appendectomy, hernia repair, orchidopexy, hypospadias repair, and operation of malrotation, intestinal atresia, solid tumor and laparoscopy especially newborn circumcision receives a high praise from Chinese and foreigner's parents. 

    Dr. Li directed 2 bureau research projects of Shanghai, published 20 papers including 5 SCI, participated to have written a book and have 1 patent.  

    License no. :110310000035755


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