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    Jiahui Health has created state-of-the-art Same Day Surgery Centers and fully-equipped operating suites and recovery rooms with individualized care in a safe environment. These centers allowed our highly skilled surgeons to perform low risk surgery and safe procedures, to allow quicker recovery and same day discharge where you can recover in the comfort of your own home. Same day discharge after surgery has been well accepted among the international community and it has been shown to be very safe. 

    Currently, more than 50% of all surgery in the United States is performed at Same Day Surgery Centers. We will guide you through the whole process with detailed instructions and make certain that it is safe for you to leave. Our goal is to provide you quality care in the safest way.  


    Services We Provide     

    There is a Same Day Surgery Center located at both Jiahui International Hospital and Jiahui Health (Yangpu). We currently offer the following surgical specialties:


    Personalized Environment     

    We have a specialized center, making it possible to devote individual attention and time to you. Our whole team consisting of anesthesiologists, surgeons, and surgical nurses who will be available to answer any questions you have.  

    Children are special, and to make them feel more relaxed, we encourage you to discuss the surgery with them the day before. One parent may stay with the child before surgery starts and may join them again after surgery in the recovery area.

    Our goal is to provide you surgical care by our highly skilled surgeons and staff in a comfortable and relaxing environment, and to have you go home safely on the same day.  


    What To Expect     

    Getting ready for surgery:

    •       Review and follow your doctor's instructions regarding when not to eat or drink and any skin care preparation or bowel preparation

    •       Get plenty of sleep and rest before your surgery

    •       Do not smoke 

    •       Plan for someone to take you home and to be with you at least 24 hours after surgery

    •       Leave all your valuables at home except for your ID and insurance card if any


    The day of surgery:

    •       Follow your doctor’s final skin care preparation or bowel preparation

    •       Do not wear makeup, jewelry, or perfume

    •       Bring your ID and insurance card

    •       When you arrive for surgery, check in at the front desk. You will then be accompanied to the operating area to get ready for surgery

    •       Your family members will be able to wait for you in the waiting area

    •       Your nurse will take you to change your clothes, ask you some questions about your health, and then take you to the preparation room 

    •       You will then meet your anesthesiologist and your surgeon before we take you to the operating room


    After surgery:

    •       You will wake up in the recovery room and we will monitor you closely

    •       Please let us know if you feel severe pain or nausea

    •       It is normal to feel sleepy just after you wake up. You will gradually feel less sleepy

    •       Once you are more awake and have no vomiting, we will give you some fluids and some snacks by mouth

    •       We will then sit you up in a recliner chair to make sure you can tolerate being up

    •       When it is time to go home, you will change back to your clothes then you can meet with your family

    •       We will go over the discharge instructions with you before you leave

    •       DO NOT drive yourself home or take the taxi or bus by yourself


    At home:

    •       You may still feel sleepy and tired. This is normal. Rest when you can and do some light activities every 1-2 hours when you are awake

    •       You may feel some pain at the incision site. This is also normal

    •       Do not perform heavy activities or do heavy lifting

    •       Do deep breathing exercises often to help improve your lung function and reduce the risk of pneumonia

    •       A nurse will call you the day following your surgery to check on you and answer any questions you might have

    •       Remember to carefully follow your surgeon's wound care instructions


    When to call your physician's office:

    As instructed by your surgeon or endoscopy doctor.

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