Jiahui Health provided healthcare support for the China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the sixth consecutive year.

    The sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held between 5 to 10 November 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai.

    This year, Jiahui Health provided healthcare support for the China International Import Expo (CIIE) as the designated medical provider for the sixth consecutive year. Over and above this, Jiahui also upheld the theme of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), namely A Shared Future in a New Era.

    Jiahui provides a blueprint for international-standard smart hospitals

    Jiahui Health and GE Healthcare China have officially signed a strategic collaboration agreement. The two parties will rely on their respective in-depth experience and advanced technologies within the medical field while promoting intelligent medical management through technology; further implementing the integrated development of medical education and research; and jointly promoting the exploration and implementation of smart hospitals.

    The strategic collaboration reflects GE Healthcare’s continued strive to achieve a ‘boundaryless innovation’ strategy. The collaboration aims to promote precision medicine with accurate medical imaging; support private medical institutions in building differentiated clinical discipline capabilities; and bridge more resources and platforms.

    - GE Healthcare

    Building an innovative diagnosis and treatment platform

    Jiahui Health and IASO BioTherapeutics announced a deepening of their strategic collaboration to jointly build a targeted BCMA CAR-T Equecabtagene Autoleucel Injection treatment center and further promote the long-term sustainable development of the CAR-T international diagnosis and treatment platform.

    Jiahui will continue to focus on internationally advanced treatment concepts, medication, and technologies for the benefit of local and foreign patients. Jiahui International Cancer Center has established an international CAR-T treatment team and has successfully carried out international treatments in collaboration with various companies, including IASO BioTherapeutics.

    Many multiple myeloma patients from abroad have chosen the CAR-T program at Jiahui International Hospital. Jiahui has advanced international-standard software and hardware, comprehensive tumor treatment capabilities, teams that enable efficient cross-cultural communication, and a comfortable environment, and provides cost-effective CAR-T therapy.

    - IASO BioTherapeutics

    Leading diagnostic and treatment technologies and products

    Jiahui Health and Novartis China recently entered into a strategic collaboration. Going forward, Novartis China will support Jiahui Health in providing comprehensive health management, including ensuring patient access to innovative medication, optimizing drug channels, and enhancing clinical and academic education.

    Currently, a range of innovative medications from Novartis are used in clinical treatment at Jiahui, including the new lipid-lowering drug Inksilan, the new breast cancer CDK4/6 drug Kaililon, etc.

    Novartis China is confident that by working within Jiahui’s strategy, they will be able to bring more advanced therapeutic medication and professional services to patients, ensure more people are able to access high-quality medical resources, and ultimately benefit more patients in China.

    - Novartis China

    CIIE’s medical provider for six consecutive years

    Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital is the only international hospital selected as a designated medical provider for the China International Import Expo (CIIE) for six consecutive years.

    Jiahui continued to provide comprehensive healthcare for the China International Import Expo (CIIE), leveraging professional medical skills and patient-centered care. This year, Jiahui established an in-hospital security system with the CIIE Medical Security Command and Leadership Group to protect the health of participants.

    In order to ensure peace of mind, Jiahui’s team of highly experienced medical experts provided participants of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) with access to:

    1. Professional clinical and emergency support teams

    2. Special reception processes

    3. 24-hour dedicated telephone services

    4. Green channels

    5. Predetermined emergency plans

    Going forward, Jiahui Health will continue to provide high-quality medical services, while continuously collaborating with world-renowned medical and pharmaceutical companies to help promote international medical innovation and development, in doing so, taking part in the shared future of the new era.


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