Jiahui International Hospital has been included among the designated hospitals for CAR-T therapy by Huhuibao (沪惠保), a regional benefit insurance in Shanghai. As one of the medical institutions in Shanghai to offer CAR-T therapy, Jiahui International Hospital has been included in the Huhuibao as a designated hospital for CAR-T therapy.

    Multiple Payment Models, Making CAR-T Therapy Accessible
    More and more patients receive CAR-T therapy at Jiahui International Hospital. At the meantime, we are continuously exploring multiple payment models. Some CAR-T drugs can be paid for in-full or in instalments. Through methods such as commercial insurance direct payment, online transfer, on-site QR code payment, large-sum remittance, etc., we aim to provide greater convenience for both domestic and international patients, thereby improving the accessibility of CAR-T therapy and further alleviating the burden on cancer patients and their families.

    International CAR-T Treatment Platform at Jiahui
    The Jiahui CAR-T medical team, led by Dr. Vicky Lee (Director of Jiahui International Cancer Center), who has practiced medicine abroad for decades and has extensive clinical experience in CAR-T therapy, collaborates with specialists from various departments including ICU, Neurology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, etc., to ensure the safety and convenience of CAR-T therapy patients.

    Collaborating with Domestic and International Partners
    Jiahui International Cancer Center, affiliated with Jiahui International Hospital, is a strategic partner of Harvard Medical School-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital and its Cancer Center, and has abundant international expert resources.

    Since the approval of CAR-T therapy in China, Jiahui International Cancer Center has been authorized and certified for CAR-T therapy for multiple indications such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma, and has successfully implemented clinical applications of CAR-T therapy for patients from various countries and regions. Moreover, we actively cooperate with domestic and international partners in clinical experience sharing, academic exchanges, patient education, etc., gradually building an international CAR-T treatment platform.

    Multidisciplinary Teams Develop Personalized Treatment Plans
    CAR-T therapy utilizes the patient's own immune cells, genetically modified to "hunt down tumors" in a targeted manner, making it a highly individualized treatment method.Taking into account different conditions and individual needs of patients, Jiahui CAR-T medical team comprehensively considers factors such as T-cell quality, tumor burden, and potential adverse reactions such as CRS and ICANS after CAR-T cell infusion, to develop personalized treatment plans for each CAR-T therapy patient through multiple rounds of multidisciplinary discussions.

    Close Monitoring to Ensure Safety during Treatment
    Referring to international CAR-T clinical application guidelines, Jiahui has formulated standardized service processes and quality control systems to provide customized treatment for patients.

    During the treatment process, CAR-T multidisciplinary clinical team, composed of departments including the Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurology, ICU, Respiratory Medicine, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Imaging, Laboratory, Pharmacy, etc., takes a series of monitoring and intervention measures to ensure the safe passage of treatment for patients.

    In addition, Jiahui is equipped with advanced T-cell extraction equipment and CAR-T dedicated wards, fully guaranteeing the monitoring needs and comfortable experience of patients in terms of hardware and software.

    Comprehensive Care throughout the Treatment Journey
    Throughout the entire CAR-T therapy cycle, the clinical team and non-clinical support staff at Jiahui maintain constant communication with patients and their families, providing comprehensive professional care and mental support, wholeheartedly safeguarding the CAR-T cancer treatment journey for patients.

    Jiahui continuously strives to provide more advanced and effective cancer treatment solutions for patients at home and abroad by introducing internationally advanced technologies such as CAR-T therapy. We hope to benefit more cancer patients from across the global through China's unique advantages in the clinical application of CAR-T therapy.

    Jiahui International Cancer Center
    Jiahui International Cancer Center (JICC), affiliated to Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, has a close strategic collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and its cancer center in China.

    JICC represents the cutting edge of international oncology, providing patients over the age of 14 with rapid diagnosis and treatment of an international-standard. JICC supports direct payments from more than 50 major global insurance providers, and is connected to Shanghai medical insurance to ensure payment convenience.

    Our commitment, as JICC, is to make every effort to find a suitable treatment plan for each patient. By integrating both internal and external medical and social resources, we provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, fully aligned to the concept of holistic care.

    Contact Info
    If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with Jiahui International Cancer Center, please call us on: 400 868 3000.


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