It takes hours beyond measure and a lifetime of personal sacrifice to be a world-class doctor. Our physicians continually make the biggest sacrifices of all in their commitment to their patients, putting aside family time, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, and weekends for the job. 

    At Jiahui Health, we believe that great healthcare is about great people. That's why we want to mark this week's Doctor's Day by drawing attention to our doctors' inspiring dedication. They are more than just doctors, they are real-life superheroes.

    What drives our physicians to commit their lives to improving the lives of others? What makes Jiahui a special place to practice medicine? In their own words, our doctors share what inspires them to give their all:

    My mother is a nurse. She said, "you know, when you become a doctor, you have to remember that your time is not yours again. Patients want to see you, see your face, even just for a few minutes." I actually had a patient who said to me, "I will bring my kids in, and I want you to tell them that I'm gonna be OK." I think that's just so rewarding. Patients trust you so much, and that trust is really the most precious thing.

     - Ching Ho, MD, PhD - Chief of Breast Health, Co-director of Women's Health

    Jiahui is a special place in many ways. I feel its core values of Care, Quality, and Impact and its patients-first attitude everywhere. Jiahui allows me to be unencumbered by long-held traditions which are now obsolete and no longer best practice. There is no other place where we can start afresh and lead the way in providing modern healthcare to an entire population on such a magnificent scale.

     - Alexander Lin, MD - Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Director of Women's Health 

    We have four adopted children from China, so they have medical needs. We've spent a lot of time in hospitals here in China as well as in the US. So you learn to appreciate doctors and nurses that take the time with you and explain things. To me, it's rewarding and encourages me to continue doing the job when you can see patients at ease, make them comfortable, and complete the procedure successfully.

    - Ronald Beaudreau, MD, FACEP - Chief of Emergency Medicine   

    Most of the time, it is very difficult to change an established culture and improve the practice. Here at Jiahui, we all share the ambition to reach the very best in practice and care. We all have the years of experience and medical expertise to build up that culture. This is a real opportunity to accomplish our task.

    - Hilmi Omer Ayanoglu, MD - Chief of Anesthesiology   

    In the movies, doctors are depicted saving lives, and that's one of the things that first drove me to pursue a medical career. But in reality, being a doctor is more about making a difference in the day-to-day lives of patients. As a pediatrician, I'm involved with a patient's life from early on. Working with children is a constant source of inspiration to me; I'm able to not only look out for their physical wellbeing, but help them develop and achieve their full potential too.

    - William Yu, MD, PhD - Chief of Pediatrics

    Knowing that my work brings hope and empowerment to people's lives and their future has motivated me to spend  thousands of hours listening and talking to patients with empathy. People sometimes ask me, "Why become a psychologist?" The answer is simple: as a psychologist, I help to empower people from within, and that also continually inspires me to be a better person.

    - Felice Soo, PsyD - Clinical Psychologist

    As a family medicine doctor at Jiahui Health, I'm in a unique and privileged position to serve local and expat communities. Whether it's helping someone through a difficult situation or bringing a patient back to full recovery, the work is incredibly rewarding. Not only that, but I get to do it as a proud member of Jiahui Health - a hospital that cares.

    - Victoria King, MD - Family Medicine Physician 

    Jiahui Health is a breath of fresh air in terms of its rigorous attitude to international medical standards. I'm inspired by our commitment to putting patients first and practicing evidence-based medicine based on ACOG [American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists] guidelines.

    - Donaly Dong, MD - Obstetrician 

    Every single day is an opportunity to help and serve the people who need our help.

    - Chien-Shing Chen - Executive Director of Jiahui International Cancer Center

    Feeling inspired? Click here for more information about all of our doctors.


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