Shanghai leads China in healthy city construction, and the World Health Organization has spoken highly of Shanghai on a number of occasions for its experience and great success in building a healthy city, commending it for being a global role model enhancing health promotion in theory and in practice. Recently, Jiahui International Hospital, the first tertiary international hospital in Shanghai, was awarded LEED Gold Certification for healthcare construction, the highest international rating LEED BD+C: Healthcare, making it the first healthcare institute in mainland China to receive such an award.Mahesh Ramanujam, President & CEO of USGBC, visited Jiahui International Hospital on January 17 to present the award.  

    Jiahui International Hospital approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, strategically collaborated and co-branded with Massachusetts General Hospital, and comprehensively complying with international standards, is the first tertiary general international hospital in Shanghai. It is the large st construction and design project of its kind in Shanghai so far. Jiahui International Hospital has partnered with design firm NBBJ, the same firm that worked on world-leading medical institutes such as Mass General Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. The design provided by NBBJ added more natural elements to the construction as well as high-tech “healing” innovation concepts featuring “care for the mind and body” and “comprehensive care”. These concepts can reduce pressure, shorten the hospital stay, and enable an unparalleled treatment and rehabilitation experience.

    Joining hands with Bureau Veritas, Jiahui International Hospital has an environmentally-sustainable design strategy, reducing water and energy consumption to the greatest possible extent while reducing waste and emission of greenhouse gases. Through low-volatility environmentally-friendly building materials and the world’s most advanced air-conditioning design, Jiahui International Hospital can more effectively increase the quality of indoor and surrounding air. The orientation and clay exterior allow optimal absorption of heat from the sun. The hospital also features a highly efficient central energy center and green material processing mechanism, to make the environment as green and healthy as possible.

    First time the variable air volume (VAV) box has been used in China for air filtering and ventilation, to guarantee that air is safe and the air temperature is comfortable for patients.

    The natural clay exterior enables absorption of energy from the sun. The curved edges and warm colors ease the cold, oppressive feeling that can be associated with a hospital. The three hospital buildings are especially designed to reduce transmission of noise and increase light throughout all passageways so that patients can enjoy a bright and peaceful stay.

    Only mercury-free LED lights are used in the hospital, and metallic conduits are all free from lead, chromium, and copper.
    Research shows that being close to nature can help to free people from stress and reduce time spent staying in hospitals. That is why NBBJ created an elegant garden environment at Jiahui International Hospital. The garden courtyard is the central feature of the hospital, lush with plants and trees, and with paths and water features throughout. No matter where you are in the courtyard, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful views, which can be easily accessed from all areas within the hospital. This not only enables nature to be infused into the hospital environment, but allows the patients to have a better experience. 

    Built and promoted by USGBC, LEED is so far the most influential evaluation standard in the world regarding the assessments of architectural surrounding, environmental friendliness, as well as sustainability. LEED is aimed to effectively decrease negative impacts to the environment and residents as well through design, so that a thorough and precise concept of “green architecture” would be standardized. In order to be certified by LEED, the architecture has to have outstanding performances in terms of sustainable site selection, energy and water saving, carbon emission, internal environment, use of eco-friendly materials, innovative design, and more. LEED BD+C: Healthcare is especially estimable for the high-tech and energy-consuming nature of architectures, which makes LEED BD+C: Healthcare certificate - especially its gold certificate - even harder to reach.
    USGBC shared with us that there are now four LEED BD+C: Healthcare certificated institutes in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and that Jiahui International Hospital is the only healthcare institute in mainland China to have received LEED Gold Certification. Jiahui International Hospital now stands side by side with other top healthcare institutes of the world who share the same level of certification, including the Massachusetts General Hospital Lunder Building, Columbia University Medical Center, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

    About Jiahui International Hospital

    Jiahui International Hospital, approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and co-branded with Massachusetts General Hospital, is the first tertiary international hospital in Shanghai. Operations were launched, opening 246 of its 500 beds in phase one, 2017. The hospital is centrally located at 689 Guiping Road in Xuhui district, and offers a range of specialty medical services, including its two centers of excellence—The Women’s Health Center and Oncology Center, as well as orthopedics and sports medicine and pediatrics.

    About Jiahui Health

    Jiahui Health is the first foreign-funded “international hospital/clinic/wellness center” hub & spoke healthcare ecosystem meeting international standards. Established in 2009, Jiahui Health is headquartered in Shanghai and enjoys an extensive long-term partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, with collaboration on planning, operations management, medical training, and clinical research to attain leading international standards on quality standards.
    The Jiahui Health ecosystem encompasses a 500-bed international hospital; a series of satellite clinics offering specialist services from family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, dentistry, rehabilitation, clinical psychology, day surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy, CT/MRI imaging diagnostics; and wellness centers focusing on nutrition, body sculpting, sub health management, and mental health management. Jiahui Health covers each major center throughout the city, meeting the healthcare and wellness needs of families through a lifetime relationship. Jiahui is devoted to providing Chinese and international patients with care, convenience, value, and quality, throughout their life journey as Your Partner for Life.

    About NBBJ

    Founded in 1943 with many decades of experience working in China, NBBJ specializes in helping clients drive innovation by designing highly productive, sustainable spaces that make it easy for people to learn, work, play, and live. Ranked by Fast Company, a U.S. publication, as one of the top 10 most innovative architecture firms in the world and named by Popular Science as the architecture firm “de rigueur” for the tech industry, NBBJ designs environments for leading organizations like Google, Tencent, Amazon, Samsung, Alibaba, Suning, and Microsoft as well as leading healthcare institutions like Cambridge University, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, NYU Langone Medical Center. and Stanford University. In addition to its eight international locations, NBBJ has three offices in China: Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. 


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