Jiahui Health was honored to support ELLE active 2019, a global forum dedicated to all things women and work. On June 2nd, more than 1000 women attended the event at Shanghai Tower to hear over 20 influential speakers share their insights on the balance between life, career, and health.

    Dr. Alexander Lin, Jiahui Health's Chief of OB-GYN and Director of Women's Health, was invited to speak about the inspiring relationships he has built with patients throughout his long career as a gynecologist.

    In more than 24 years of professional experience, Dr. Lin has empowered countless patients to take charge of their health, advised them on their private concerns, and become a trusted partner.

    In the first of three sessions, Dr. Lin shared some inspiring stories about patients he has cared for throughout their lifelong journey, including Angela, a patient who he treated as a girl, a young mother, and a grandmother, delivering her 5th child, 4 daughters, and grandson. "I'm honored to have witnessed Angela's family grow and develop," he said.

    In an educational talk on HPV infection and how it's treated, Dr. Lin touched on some of the historical stigma and sensitivity surrounding women's health issues and how access to professional, non-judgemental advice, as well as greater health awareness, can address that.

    In his third talk, Dr. Lin hit upon a relatively recent phenomenon in healthcare: self-diagnosis via the internet. "The internet makes information access easy," he said, "but it may not always give you professional or the most up-to-date information. That's why it's always better to check with a doctor, and a good relationship with a doctor can help you detect something you may have missed."

    Dr. Lin's talk hit the right note with audience members, many of who stayed behind to talk to him after the Q&A session had ended.

    Overall, the event was a resounding success in promoting the progress and development of women's health.

    At Jiahui Health, we believe that every woman who comes to our hospital is more than just a patient, they are a partner for life. 
    Click here for more information about our Women's Health Services.


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