On the morning of October 23, a group of blue and white special "guests" were docked in front of The Jiahui International Hospital. "The founding ceremony of The Yangtze River Delta Pre-hospital Emergency Alliance and the Press Conference of the Expo 5G Mobile Medical Security Platform and special ambulance and Shanghai Newborn Ambulance Special Vehicle" was held in Shanghai Jiayi International Hospital.

    According to reports, Shanghai's pre-hospital emergency network will be upgraded simultaneously: 25 emergency centers from three provinces and one city, including Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, have jointly established the Pre-hospital emergency alliance in the Yangtze River Delta, and opened an emergency transport information platform in the Yangtze River Delta to build a multi-dimensional cooperative "sea, land and air" rescue mode. The relevant information platform can play an important role in non-emergency transport in the Yangtze River Delta, making the emergency resources related to 150 million people more effectively utilized.

    At the same time, a press conference on 5G mobile medical security platform and special ambulances was held in Jiahui International Hospital. Shanghai health committee, said in the first "into the exposition" successful experience, on the basis of the "expo" 5 g concept and technology, introduced medical security, health care is committed to building 5 g mobile platform, realize the venues 5 g ambulance "full coverage", on the basis of 5 g ambulance, fixed-point hospital 5 g I called information, for terminal, with artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) technology applications, such as a comprehensive emergency medical treatment system of 5 g.

    Using the remote diagnosis system, panorama technology and VR glasses and ultra low delay characteristics of 5 g, hospital experts and ambulance emergency physician can real-time interaction and close cooperation, common on-site rescue, truly achieve pre-hospital hospital "seamless joint", greatly improve efficiency of emergency medical information transmission speed and guarantee, strive for more precious life for the patients.

    The press conference, also launched a new research and development of the newborn ambulance special vehicle. Special car equipped with neonatal transport international standard of medical equipment, and the electric stretcher, neonatal transport system, effective integration of medical equipment, through building "flow in the neonatal intensive care unit", further improve the city's critical neonatal transport treatment capacity and efficiency, in Shanghai and surrounding areas more children and their families bring health and well-being.

    For Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, as a non-public medical institution selected as a designated hospital for two consecutive sessions of the Expo, providing international standard medical services for Chinese and foreign residents in the Yangtze River Delta has always been an important direction of efforts.

    Since the establishment of the institute, both in terms of hardware facilities, or software services, Jia Hui has been gradually recognized by the whole society. In 2018, As one of the first designated medical institutions of high-level social medical insurance in Shanghai, Jiahui incorporated medical insurance with its own pricing model. In the future, Jiayi will also better serve the Shanghai first aid system and provide higher quality medical services.


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