Overworking our eyes is not uncommon with the way modern lifestyles are today, and dry eyes tops the list when it comes to illnesses eye specialists are regularly confronted with. A growing trend has been found among young people suffering from dry eyes, be it students trying to improve their marks or office workers dealing with stress and long work hours. If not discovered and treated promptly, dry eyes could lead to swollen red eyes, and corneal damage, potentially affecting vision in more serious cases. Have your eyes checked early, and keep your checks regular. Don’t delay—if your eye specialist confirms that you have dry eyes, you should take it seriously, and be sure to follow their guidance on appropriate treatment, to improve the health of your eyes.

    Although there are many different causes of dry eyes, they generally fall into two groups—lack of tears and evaporative dry eye. While the symptoms are similar for both groups, the treatments differ. Evaporative dry eye is largely a result of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). For individuals with MGD who use artificial tears to relieve symptoms, the MGD also requires treatment, to ensure healthy eyes long-term.

    Jiahui's Ophthalmology department is currently offering an effective treatment for dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Our highly experienced ophthalmoligists will develop a personalized treatment plan specifically for you, providing you with guidance on eye hygiene based on your lifestyle and daily habits. They will give you practical recommendations on healthy blinking habits with consideration to factors which predispose people to dry eye syndrome.

    Dry Eyes (MGD) Treatment Package

    ¥6,800 (Retail price:¥9,200)

    • Specialist consultation with dry eye evaluation

    Our ophthalmologists provide MGD evaluation both prior to and following treatment using the standardized patient evaluation of eye dryness (SPEED) questionnaire, tear film break-up time (TBUT), corneal fluorescein staining, and infrared meibography to check the effectiveness of treatment. Observation is also carried out by testing visual acuity, intraocular pressure, slit lamp examination, and fundus photography before and after treatment.

    • MGD treatment

    Each session includes periocular light therapy, adopting the latest medical technology in addition to a meibomian gland expression which clears any blockages and eliminates inflammation. Treatment is completely safe, harmless, and painless from beginning to end. Four sessions/per course are typically recommended for optimal results, each three weeks apart. 

    *Special prices valid till March 31, 2020.

    *Package prices not applicable to insurance payments. 

    To schedule your appointment or for more information, please call 400-868-3000


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