Mono-Polar Radiofrequency Treatment

    The mono-polar radiofrequency technology utilizes collagen contraction to stimulate collagen renewal and treat skin of the eyes, face, neck, arm, abdomen, and buttock, in order to remove wrinkles and tighten up the skin.

    Anti-Aging for Face/Neck
    · Single treatment : 
    ¥18,800/treatment(¥900 pulses of facial applicator or ¥500 pulses of body applicator)

    · Treatment pack: ¥30,000/2 treatments(Retail price: ¥37,600)

    · Full face power treatment : ¥21,800(¥1200 pulses)

    Anti-Aging for Eyes
    · Anti-aging treatment for both eyes: 
    ¥5,000/treatment(¥450 pulses of eye applicator)

    Deep Scar and Facial Lifting Treatment

    Micro Needle Treatment

    Uses micro-needle radiofrequency technology that promotes the regeneration of dermal collagen, removes deep wrinkles and scars, restores elasticity of tissues, and improves facial relaxation.

    · Whole face single treatment: 

    · Partial face single treatment: ¥4,000

    · Eye treatment package: ¥7,800/6 treatments

    Fractional Laser Treatment

    Deeper access to dermis skin compared to traditional laser treatment by using the fractional CO2 laser for true fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing. Stimulates tissue repair in damaged skin which improves spots and deep scars for overall rejuvenation.

    · Single treatment: 
    ¥2,800 (Retail price: ¥3,000)

    · Course package: ¥6,600/3 treatments (Retail price: ¥9,000)

    Multi-Polar Radiofrequency Anti-Aging Treatment

    Multi-polar radiofrequency treatment is a noninvasive, pain-less technology that can tighten and tone your skin, while reducing visible wrinkles. It can heat and tighten the underlying layers of tissue, without damaging the outer skin layers.

    · Single spot: ¥1,000/treatment, ¥4,800/6 treatments  (Retail price: ¥6,000)  

    · Duo spots: ¥1,500/treatment (Retail price: ¥2,000), ¥7,200/6 treatments (Retail price: ¥12,000)

    Thread Lifting Therapy

    Uses absorbable threads to embed beneath the skin dermis that prevents skin relaxation while stimulating collagen regeneration to uplift the facial muscles for a younger and refreshing look.

    · Partial face lifting single treatment (China/Korea made): 

    · Whole face lifting single treatment(China/Korea made): ¥13,500

    · Whole face lifting and tightening treatment(China/Korea made): ¥22,500

    · Cheek lifting and tightening treatment(Italy made):¥8,000

    · Jowl area lifting and tightening treatment(Italy made):¥10,000

    · Full face lifting αnd tightening treatment(Italy made):¥25,800

    *Special prices valid till June 31, 2020.

    *Package prices not applicable to insurance payments. 

    *Skin treatment solutions, charges and benefits may vary depending on patient's skin condition and treatment areas.

    To schedule your appointment or for more information, please call 400-868-3000


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