Whether you are a new married couple or wanting to have your next child, planning your pregnancy using evidence-based medicine is crucial. Our physicians carry out a comprehensive series of checks to make an overall assessment of hereditary, environmental, psychological, and lifestyle factors which could affect fertility, and provide you with preventive measures and guidance needed. We help you and your partner to choose the right time to get pregnant and reduce the risk of an abnormal pregnancy and birth defects, so you can have a healthy and happy newborn baby. 

    When does planning start? Start planning 3-6 months before pregnancy. Both you and your partner are recommended for the assessments. Exams will not be performed during your menstrual period or within the past 2 days if you have had sexual intercourse or used vaginal medications. Please well prepare for a fasting sugar exam. Men should not ejaculate 3-7 days before their exams. 

    *Call (400) 868 3000 to make an appointment. 
    *Promotions are limited to self-paying patients. The promotion package is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for other services or used with other special offers. 

    *Special prices valid till Dec. 31, 2021.


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