Protecting Your Ovaries

    Is All About Maintaining Your Health


    Ovarian function is fundamental for women having a new baby and is where women get their beauty from. It is the ovaries that secrete estrogen as girls go through puberty, allowing them to develop into women. Estrogen secretion decreases after the age of 35, gradually affecting a woman’s skin quality, complexion, their figure, hormonal balance, and sexual function. Women affected by premature ovarian failure, not only endure longer menopause and greater risk of disease, but also age more rapidly. Protecting your ovaries, is not only for reproduction, but is all about maintaining your health.



    Who needs an ovarian function monitoring?


    Regular ovarian function monitoring is required for women who satisfy any of the following:

    • Menstrual cycle less than 25 days

    • Experienced more than one induced abortion

    • Reduced menstrual cycle or menstrual volume within the past year

    • Long-term irregular periods or dysmenorrhea

    • Aged 35 or above and planning pregnancy

    • Tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for at least six months

    • With a history of cancer treatment or ovarian, cervical, or fallopian tube surgery



    Do women who are not married require ovarian function monitoring?


    Apart from hereditary and environmental factors, causes of ovarian failure include staying up late long-term, excessive dieting, too much work-related stress, smoking, and drinking alcohol, and in some cases may lead to infertility. Regular ovarian function monitoring for women who are not married can be used for early discovery and prevention of premature ovarian failure and personalized family planning.



    Is ovarian failure reversible?


    Premature ovarian failure is irreversible and currently can only be controlled or slowed down with drugs. Female reproductive function can be protected by monitoring as early as possible to determine ovarian reserve function and enhanced lifestyle. In some serious cases, surgery is required for treatment. Early treatment is the best means of preventing premature ovarian failure.

    Our physicians recommend:

    • Keeping a good mood and learning to avoid negative emotions

    • Maintaining a balanced diet, with sufficient vitamin E, vitamin D, minerals, and calcium

    • More exercise for improved immune function

    • Paying attention to changes in menstrual cycle and seeing a physician when changes occur

    • Necessary birth control measures




    Ovarian Function Monitoring Package



    • Gynecologist consultation

    Our gynecologist will review your health profile and perform an initial gynecological check


    • Hormone test

    Testing the level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), prolactin (PRL), and testosterone (T) as a means of further assessing endocrine function, including the ovaries, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus


    • AMH test

    A direct and reliable early indicator of decreased ovarian function, to assess ovarian reserve function and fertility


    • TSH test

    Provides information on thyroid function and related diseases


    • AFC test

    Evaluation of ovarian reserve function by testing for the primordial follicles left in the dormant primordial follicle pool


    • Ovulation ultrasound monitoring

    Ultrasound monitoring during the ovulation period or the uterus and its structures as a screen for lesions of the female reproductive system and pelvic cavity


    • Gynecologist follow-up consultation

    Based on the test results, your gynecologist will make a diagnosis on the cause of menstrual pain with a suggested treatment plan 




    * Please book your consultation for between days one to five of your menstrual cycle, so that your initial antral follicle ultrasound and other monitoring can be performed. Avoid vaginal douching within three days of consultation. Avoid sexual intercourse and use of vaginal medications within one day of consultation, so that results will not be affected.



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