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    • Jiahui Health’s Voice Clinic provides a range of clinical services for the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders, including voice assessment by stroboscopy, acoustic analysis, voice rehabilitation, and voice management. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to treat people of all ages and offer a specialized pediatric voice therapy course named “Adventures In Voice”.

      • A consistently hoarse or rough voice: moderate: a rough, raspy voice; severe: hoarse or complete loss of voice;
      • Effort or fatigue from increased vocal use;
      • An abnormally high or low pitch for your age or gender;
      • A breathy, weak, or strained voice;
      • Changes to your normal vocal range;
      • A consistently dry or scratchy throat;
      • Pain from increased vocal use
    • Screening:

      1. First Visit

      Once you arrive for your appointment, our specialists will conduct an examination and all-round assessment of your voice quality and condition. A quick questionnaire will also be conducted and factored into your diagnosis.

      2. Auxiliary Examinations
      Ÿ Laryngeal stroboscopy is a special examination method for observing vibrating, fast-moving objects like vocal folds, allowing practitioners to detect subtle lesions on your vocal cords. This method does not cause major pain or damage the vocal cords, meaning you can undergo the examination without anesthesia.
      Ÿ Vocal quality assessment includes acoustic, aerodynamic, and laryngeal analysis based on evidence-based methods, such as electromyography and electroglottography (EGG). Our physicians will implement a screening plan tailored to your needs and condition. We also offer a voice range profile test for professional singers, as well as non-invasive EGG for children who cannot undergo laryngoscopy.

      3. Follow-up consultation
      On your return visit, our specialists will give you a detailed, comprehensive interpretation of your results and provide a customized treatment plan for you based on your condition.


      1. Voice therapy
      Voice therapy consists of various non-invasive interventions and physical therapy exercises. It is recommended for people who do not require surgery, and people who have not experienced any improvement after long-term voice rest, nebulization, or medication. Voice therapy includes:
      • relaxation exercises, including neck, shoulder, and tongue relaxation and throat massage
      • respiration exercises, including diaphragmatic & abdominal breathing, blowing candles, cup bubble exercises, and panting exercises
      • phonation exercises, including the yawn-sigh technique, lip trills, confidential voice therapy, stretch and flow phonation, and vocal fry exercises
      • resonant voice therapy, including tongue posture training, the hum-sigh with chewing technique, voice box pressing, chanting, nasal resonance enhancement, and “NG” sniff exercises
      Under the guidance of our specialists, you will be prescribed a personalized training program of weekly exercises at our outpatient clinic. Training usually takes 4-8 weeks, after which a majority of patients experience significant improvement to their vocal function without the need for any medicine or surgery. We also offer a specialized Adventures In Voice (AIV) therapy course for children aged 4-10, to help restore their vocal function as quickly as possible.

      2. Phonosurgery
      Phonosurgery is a surgical procedure for removing vocal cord lesions and restoring the voice. At Jiahui Health, we generally perform microphonosurgery, an advancement on traditional phonosurgery that removes lesions without damaging the voice.
      The procedure takes place under general anesthesia, during which a physician will insert a laryngoscope into the throat to examine the vocal folds. A microscope or high-definition endoscope is then used to enhance the view of the lesion, which is subsequently removed. Please be aware that a temporary hoarse voice after surgery is quite common during the recovery period but can be restored quickly through voice therapy.

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