XU Fen, MD

    • Department:
      • Medical Imaging
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English

    Dr. XU Fen is an attending physician at Jiahui Health. She was graduated from Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2008 and obtained a master's degree in clinical medicine.

    Prior to joining Jiahui, she has been engaged in ultrasonic diagnosis for nearly eight years in Changhai Hospital affiliated to Second Military Medical University, with rich clinical experience in conventional imaging diagnosis of the abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology and superficial organs, etc. Then she worked as an attending physician in micro invasive surgery department of Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital affiliated to Second Military Medical University for more than two years, engaged in the process of minimally invasive ablation of liver cancer and dealing with related complications. Later she joined Shanghai International Medical Center (SIMC) as an ultrasound physician and worked for more than two years. Because of the work experience in the private hospital, she had a profound understanding of patient-centered and the standardization of imaging diagnosis.


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