Huitzong TSAI, MD

    • Department:
      • Mental Health and Psychosomatic Medicine
      • Sleep Medicine Clinic
      • Psychological counseling
      • Psychological counseling(EAP)
      • Oline Consultation for Mental
      • Child Mental Health Clinic(age 6-14)
      • Adolescent Mental Health Clinic (age >14)
      • Adult Mental Health Clinic (age >18)
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  閩南語

    Dr Tsai is currently a psychiatrist at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. Since 2010, Dr. Tsai has been working at the frontline of clinical, educational and scientific research in the Department of Psychiatry. In 2014, Dr. Tsai received her master's degree in psychiatry and mental health from Zhejiang University. She has a solid theoretical knowledge foundation and excellent clinical diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Tsai used to serve as chief resident of the Department of Psychiatry of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, who was responsible for undergraduate teaching and guidance of the medical school.

    Dr. Tsai specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various mental and psychological diseases, especially schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, neurosis and organic mental disorders. Familiar with psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, focus resolution short-term therapy, clinical hypnosis, dream and image techniques, integrated from social environment, physiological and psychological aspects.

    Dr. Tsai is certified with the standardized training for resident doctors in psychiatry department, the certificate of clinical teaching instructor of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University, the certificate of completion of the training of Balint group leader of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University, and the family therapist of China Vocational Education Qualification Certification Center (intermediate level).

    Dr. Tsai also serves a member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Child and Adolescent Mental Health Committee. She had participated in hosting many public welfare activities such as psychiatric patient clubs and patient education lectures. And once participated in the psychological intervention of patients in the arson incident of the July 5th bus in Hangzhou, 2014.

    License no. :  110330000T00006


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