HUANGFU Xiaoqiao(External Specialist), MD, PhD

    • Department:
      • Sports Medicine Service
      • General Orthopedics
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
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    Dr. HUANGFU Xiaoqiao is an Orthopedics consultant at JiaHui Health.

    Personal Profile
    Chief physician, MD, Ph.D.

    Clinical Experience:
    Dr. Huangfu is a specialist in the minimally invasive treatment of shoulder, knee, hip, elbow joint injuries and disorders, with over 9 years of arthroscopic surgery experience of 10,000 cases. He has extensive clinical experience and is an accomplished surgeon. Dr. Huangfu has participated in numerous domestic and international academic exchanges, and is constantly renewing himself with the latest international advances in arthroscopic surgeries. He is currently a chief physician in the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at the Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital.

    Arthroscopic surgical treatment of shoulder impingement syndromes, rotator cuff injuries and degenerative diseases of the shoulder, as well as the arthroscopic repair of shoulder dislocation-related SLAP injuries and sports injuries. He is adept in the treatment of knee ligament injuries, avulsion fracture injuries and other related joint disorders. Dr. Huangfu is experienced in the four-tunnel double bundle repair of the ACL and PCL injuries, providing the greatest degree of stability and fixation for ACL, PCL and avulsion fracture injuries, as well as the arthroscopic treatment of patellar dislocations. Dr. Huangfu also is proficient in the arthroscopic surgery for complex synovitis, hip impingent and hip labral injuries.

    Academic Achievement:
    Movement of Chinese medical association medical branch of the lower extremity trauma group national third committee member
    Member of the National Committee of the Arthroscopy Group of the 10th Committee of the Orthopedic Branch of the Chinese Medical Association
    National member of Orthopedic Group, Endoscopy Branch, Chinese Medical Doctor Association
    Member of Sports Medicine Professional Committee of Chinese Research Hospital Society
    Member and Secretary of Arthroscopy Group, Shanghai Orthopedic Branch
    Member of the arthroscopy Group of Shanghai Trauma Society
    Member of Shanghai Rehabilitation Medicine Professional Committee
    Member of joint Injury Minimally invasive Science Group, Shanghai Sports Medicine Branch
    Hainan Medical Association sports medicine branch of the first vice chairman

    Research accomplishments:
    Dr. Huangfu has published nearly 40 relevant papers in domestic and international academic journals.
    Participated in the editing of many books related to arthroscopy technology, and as the main author participated in the first and second editions of Knee Joint Reconstruction Surgery edited by Professor Jinzhong Zhao, and translated the shoulder arthroscopic Surgery Technology by Dr. BURKHART, an internationally renowned shoulder arthroscopic surgery expert.


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