Cold and flus

    •      Bring your child to the doctor at the first sign of infection

    •      Get a flu shot once a year

    •      Practice good hand hygiene habits

    •      Avoid contact with infected people when possible


    Cigarette smoke

    •      Avoid places with smoke

    •      Stay away from people who are smoking


    Air pollution

    •      Avoid exposure to vehicle exhaust

    •      Avoid exercising outdoors or participating in outdoor activities when air pollution is high


    Tree, grass or weed pollen

    •      During certain season, stay indoors if your child is allergic to pollen

    •      Use air conditioning when possible and keep windows closed

    •      Avoid cutting grass, digging around plants, or participating in field activities

    •      Once you return home, change clothes and shower to wash off any pollen



    Hot weather

    •      Don't leave inhalers under direct sunlight

    •      Avoid exercising outdoors during the hottest part of the day (11am - 3pm) 

    Thunderstorm and winter

    •      Keep warm and dry

    •      Cover mouth and nose with a scarf to help warm inspired air if the temperature is low

    •      Bring your child to the doctor at first sign of a cold or flu, or if the asthma symptoms worsen

    Click the link for more information on Pediatric Asthma Clinic Clinical Service

    Click the link for more information on Family Medicine Clinical Service



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