Cold and flus

    •      Bring your child to the doctor at the first sign of infection

    •      Get a flu shot once a year

    •      Practice good hand hygiene habits

    •      Avoid contact with infected people when possible


    Cigarette smoke

    •      Avoid places with smoke

    •      Stay away from people who are smoking


    Air pollution

    •      Avoid exposure to vehicle exhaust

    •      Avoid exercising outdoors or participating in outdoor activities when air pollution is high


    Tree, grass or weed pollen

    •      During certain season, stay indoors if your child is allergic to pollen

    •      Use air conditioning when possible and keep windows closed

    •      Avoid cutting grass, digging around plants, or participating in field activities

    •      Once you return home, change clothes and shower to wash off any pollen



    Hot weather

    •      Don't leave inhalers under direct sunlight

    •      Avoid exercising outdoors during the hottest part of the day (11am - 3pm) 

    Thunderstorm and winter

    •      Keep warm and dry

    •      Cover mouth and nose with a scarf to help warm inspired air if the temperature is low

    •      Bring your child to the doctor at first sign of a cold or flu, or if the asthma symptoms worsen


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