Food allergies

    •      Talk to your doctor if you suspect your child has food allergies

    •      Recognize the food your child is allergic to and the symptoms of a reaction

    •      Know what to do when your child has a food reaction

    •      Eat fresh, whole foods

    •      Avoid unlabeled foods. Know the contents and food additives they contain


    Physical activity

    •      Although this is a trigger for certain people, it should not be avoided

    •      5 minutes before exercising, take 1 to 2 puffs of rescue inhaler

    •      Warm up adequately before each exercise session

    •      Start slow and steadily increase activity gradually

    •      Take all medications on schedule

    •      Avoid exercising outdoors in extremely cold or hot weather

    •      Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf to help warm inspired air if temperature is low


    Stress and anxiety

    •      Recognize your child’s stress triggers, such as taking exams, participating in competitions, performances, etc.

    •      Allow your child to take some time out to do the things he or she likes

    •      Stay healthy through balanced diet and moderate exercise

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