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    Thank you for choosing Jiahui Medical Endoscopy Center for gastroscopy examination/treatment. We sincerely wish to provide you with the best quality health care patient experience. To fully prepare for your gastroscopy examination/treatment, please pay attention to the following instructions:


    Before your gastroscopy

    1. Please stop eating and drinking by 8.00pm in the evening before the examination. Please remember to refrain from taking breakfast and drinking water on the morning of the examination. A few days before the examination, please start having light meals. Avoid eating spicy food and smoking. 

    2. On the day of examination, please wear comfortable clothing, as you will be requested to change into an examination gown before the examination. You will also be requested to remove and keep your dentures before the examination.

    3. Prior to the examination, please let your doctor know if you have any of the following medical conditions: high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, respiratory disease, coagulation disorders or drug allergy.

    4. If you are having the gastroscopy examination without sedatives, please cooperate by swallowing when your doctor is inserting the endoscope. If there is any nausea or vomiting, your doctor may instruct you to take slow deep breaths. Usually with good preparation and cooperation, the examination can be smooth with less unpleasant effects.

    5. If needed, your doctor may send some of your gastric tissue or cells for biopsy tests if he or she sees anything suspicious. This procedure is usually harmless.

    6. Please let your doctor know if you are taking any of the following blood-thinning medications: aspirin, clopidogrel (brand name Plavix, Talcom etc.), warfarin, etc. If necessary, your doctor might request you to stop taking these medications 5 to 7 days before the examination.

    7. We do not recommend the examination be done if you are pregnant or having your period (menstruation).

    8. Please tell your doctor or nurse if you have a cold or a blocked nose.

    9. On the day of examination, please also remember to bring all your medical records and relevant medical tests results and reports.


    After your gastroscopy

    1. If you have undergone a gastroscopy without sedatives - After 1 hour, you can resume eating soft and warm food, such as bread, porridge, etc. 

    If you have undergone a gastroscopy with sedatives - After 2 hours, you can resume eating a small amount of soft food for easy digestion such as bread, porridge, etc. 

    If you have undergone a gastroscopy with biopsy done - After 2 hours, please start on cool fluid diet. Later in the day, you can start eating low residue semi-fluid diet. On the next day, you can resume your normal diet.

    • Low residue diet examples: porridge, bread, noodles, small wonton and steam egg custard, etc.

    • Fluid diet examples: fruit juice without pulp, lotus root starch paste, clear broth, etc.

    2. If you have undergone gastroscopy with treatments performed (such as removal of polyp, hemostasis and foreign body extraction):

    • Please have complete rest in bed on that day after the examination. Avoid any strenuous activity for the next three days

    • For the first 2 days after the examination, please eat cool low residue fluid diet. Avoid soymilk, milk and carbonated soft drinks. On the third day, you can resume eating soft food. Avoid eating spicy, sour, salty and oily food

    3. You can resume your usual medications. Your doctor might ask you to discontinue aspirin and blood-thinning medications such as clopidogrel 3 to 5 days if needed.

    4. You may experience some abdominal bloating that will disappear after a few hours after examination. You may also experience some throat discomfort that will resolve a few days later.

    5. Please contact your doctor if you have the following symptoms: constant nausea and vomiting, abdominal discomfort, fever and others.

    If you experience persistent abdominal pain or blood in stool, please contact your doctor and seek help immediately.

    6. If you have undergone sedative gastroscopy: avoid strenuous activity and sudden position change to prevent vertigo when recovering from anesthesia. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery on the day of examination. 

    7. It will be ideal to have someone accompany you home after the examination if you are undergoing a sedative gastroscopy.

    8. You will be able to get your pathological report 10 working days after the endoscopy procedure. Your doctor may also arrange a follow-up appointment to explain your examination results/report if required.

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