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    • The Breast Institute at Jiahui Health provides a One-Stop Clinic that offers state of the art services, including breast screening, breast disease diagnosis, comprehensive surgical and support services, genetic risk assessment, and education programs. Jiahui Breast Institute is planning to offer via Jiahui Medical Research and Education (JMRE) education and training for young doctors and nurses involved in breast cancer care.


      We know that each person is unique, so our multi-disciplinary team (MDT) comprising specialist breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists, breast care nurses, rehabilitation specialists, geneticists, nutritionists and psychologists, is here to provide customized, coordinated care for our patients.   


    • Jiahui Breast Institute accepts patients with various breast symptoms, such as breast and armpit lump, distortion, nipple discharge, pain, skin change, nipple inversion etc. 


      Conditions can be treated include benign breast conditions, such as fibrocystic changes, simple cyst, breast infection, fibroadenomas, intraductal papillomas, traumatic fat necrosis, alongside breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.


    • Equipped with digital mammography and automatic breast ultrasound scan (ABUS), the breast institute provides breast screening service for healthy woman. Potential abnormalities are found in 6~8 percent of women who have screenings. This small group of women need further evaluation, and most women who have potential abnormalities on a screening are found to have nothing wrong.


      Combining physical examination, diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI, image-guided and vacuum-assisted biopsy, and surgical excisions, Jiahui Breast Institute provides timely and accurate diagnosis of breast problems.


      Services including lesion excision, oncoplastic breast conservation procedures, axillary lymph node dissection, sentinel node biopsy, and mastectomy for breast cancer patients.


      Reconstruction service is provided for all breast cancer patients needing a mastectomy to replace skin, breast tissue, and the nipple removed during mastectomy through various techniques. Reconstruction is offered with implants and/or own tissue (autologous).

      Women undergoing breast cancer surgery and mastectomy should be able to consider the option of breast reconstruction as an immediate (same time as cancer surgery) or delayed procedure. Many women believe that breast reconstruction not only improves physical appearance, but has psychological benefits as well, which promote a sense of wellness for the woman and her family.


      Jiahuiinternational Cancer Center provides a full-range of treatment for breast cancer patients.


      Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid that results in swelling, usually developed after lymph node dissection, sentinel lymph node biopsy, or radiation therapy. Left untreated, lymphedema not only causes an increase in the size of the lymph node, but also reduces oxygen to the skin, limits wound healing, and increases the chance of infection. Jiahui Rehabilitation Department provides lymphedema treatment consisting of decongestive exercise, skin care guiddance, and compression therapy.


      Provides comprehensive evaluation for patients at high risk of breast cancer due to familial or prior cancer, to develop a personalized risk-management plan, include additional screening, risk-reduction care strategies, and risk-reduction surgery. Patient can also have the option to do genetic testing and get genetic counselling with our specialists.


      We also provide long-term follow-up service and supportive services for breast cancer patients including prosthesis and bra fitting, psychological counseling, nutritional counseling, pain management, and bone health assessment. 

      If you would like to learn more about prosthesis, compression bra & bandage and related rehabilitation products, please scan the QR code below and go to Jiahui Youzan Mall.  

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      Tibor KOVACS, MD, PhD, FRCS, FEBS

      Jiahui International Cancer Center
      Breast Institute
      Breast Clinic Jing'an
      Surgical Oncology
      Jiahui International Hospital
      Jiahui Health (Jing'an)
      English(提供中文翻译),  Hungarian,  Romanian
      Doctor's bio

      Dr. Tibor KOVACS MD, PhD, FRCS, FEBS Surgical Oncology, FEBS Breast Surgery, is Chief of Surgical Oncology and Med...

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      Grace WANG, MD

      Breast Institute
      Surgical Oncology
      Jiahui International Hospital
      普通话,  English
      Doctor's bio

      Dr. Grace WANG serves as an associate chief surgeon in Breast Surgery Departmentat Jiahui Health. She has been wor...

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    • Affordable prices set your mind at ease

      Service Name Price Unit Price
      Specialist consultation fee per visit 500-1500
      Breast mammography, bilateral per scan 800
      Breast Ultrasound (hand- held or ABUS) per scan 900
      Breast Health Screening Package per package 980

      * Consultation fee is determined by clinicians according to the complexity of the patient’s condition. Jiahui Health reserves the right to interpret and adjust prices. All prices in RMB.


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