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    • Rheumatology is a sub-discipline of internal medicine, which mainly studies the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic diseases, also known as connective tissue diseases, are a series of diseases involving joints, muscles, bones, skin, mucosa, blood vessels and other connective tissues. They are also called autoimmune diseases because many of these diseases are caused by autoimmune mechanisms.

      Jiahui’s rheumatologists have rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases, including but not limited to rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus, sjogren's syndrome, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, systemic vasculitis, other rare rheumatic diseases, and challenging medical conditions.

    • Rheumatic diseases may cause symptoms in a variety of forms, such as joint pain and/or swelling, low back pain, muscle pain and/or weakness, ostealgia, rash, livedo reticularis, oral and/or vulvar ulcers, subcutaneous nodules, dry mouth, dry eye, fever and specific injuries to different organs or systems.

      There is a great variety of rheumatic diseases. Clinically common diseases are: Gout、Systemic lupus erythematosus、Nodular polyarteritis、Pseudogout、Sjogren's syndrome、ANCA-associated small vasculitis、Other crystalline arthritis、Raynaud's disease / Raynaud's syndrome、Behcet's disease/ Behcet syndrome、Infectious arthritis、Antiphospholipid syndrome、Allergic purpura、Osteoarthritis、Scleroderma/systemic sclerosis、Relapsing polychondritis、Rheumatoid arthritis、CREST syndrome、IgG4-related diseases、Ankylosing spondylitis、Polymyositis、Undifferentiated connective tissue disease、Psoriatic arthritis、Dermatomyositis、Overlap syndrome、Reactive arthritis、Aorto-arteritis、Fibromyalgia syndrome、Seronegative spondyloarthropathy、Giant cell arteritis、SAPHO syndrome、Adult Still's disease、Rheumatic polymyalgia.

    • Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital has much experienced professionals with world-class equipment. Department of rheumatology and immunology has established in-depth cooperation with department of laboratory, imaging, pathology, orthopedics and other sub-specialties of internal medicine. We are strong in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Jiahui’s comprehensive inpatient ward, ICU and rehabilitation department have played important roles in the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of critically ill patients with rheumatic diseases.

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      Walter FANG, MBBS, MD, MPH

      Internal Medicine
      Jiahui International Hospital
      Jiahui Health (Jing'an)
      Jiahui Health (Yangpu)
      普通话,  English
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      Dr. Walter FANG serves as the Chief of Internal Medicine at Jiahui Health. Dr. Fang obtained his medical degree (M...

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