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    • The Breast Clinic of Jiahui focuses on the breast health of our population by using one-stop comprehensive service and case management model and adhering to international standards. The specialists of Breast Clinic provides patients with various breast diseases with diagnosis and treatment services including personalized screening, medical imaging screen to biopsy and pathology consultations, so that the breast cancers can be diagnosed and treated at early stage.

    • Recommendation on breast screening for population at general risk:

      ·     Women between 40 and 44 may consider mammography examination once a year

      ·     Women between 45 and 54 should undergo mammography examination every year

      ·     Women above 55 may undergo mammography examination every two years or continue to exam  once a year

      ·     Any healthy women estimated more than 10 years of survival period should continue the exam.

      ·     All women need to understand the function and restriction of mammography.  


      The high risk factors for breast cancer are:

      ·     age

      ·     menarche age

      ·     history of biopsy

      ·     history of high-risk pathology 

      ·     evaluation of high-risk breast disease history

      ·     family history

      ·     race/ethnicity

      ·      genetic gene

    • In Jiahui Health, we have an experienced and dedicated radiology team which focuses on breast imaging examination and report. The team members including physicians and technicians have received specialized training from our collaborating institution - Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Our advanced medical imaging equipment, including 3D mammography/breast ultrasound, and MRI, deliver the highest quality examinations in order to provide the most accurate diagnoses. We also perform ultrasound-guided ultrasound and mammogram-guided core needle biopsy, and provide accurate pathology report according to international standards. 



      Jiahui International Cancer Center (JICC) has patient-centered, evidence-based and research-driven care models for breast cancer treatment. Our multi-disciplinary treatment(MDT) team will treat all stages of breast cancer. The JICC and MGH Cancer Center have established a joint cancer multi-disciplinary case review platform, through which the two cancer teams regularly review the latest treatment innovations, and discuss the most appropriate precise diagnosis and treatment plan for Chinese and overseas patients. Jiahui surgical oncology team not only focuses on the consequences success rate of possible surgery, but the overall treatment results that will provide the best quality of life for the patient. We use the newest breast conservation techniques and plastic surgery to treat our patients. This will further helps the patient to return to their normal life as soon as possible with the fewest complications.



      The Breast Clinic of Jiahui Health outfitted with an auxiliary medical team of professionals with oversea background follows the concept of internationally standardized integrative management, provides the survivorship-focused service for the patients as well as one-stop solutions for the needs, such as lymphedema treatment, side effect of drugs, nutrition management, psychology consultation and pain management.

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    • Affordable prices set your mind at ease

      Service NamePrice UnitPrice
      Specialist consultation feeper visit500-1500
      Mammography, bilateral, incl. tomosynthesisper scan800
      Ultrasound, breast, bilateralper scan900

      * Specific fees are determined by the physician according to the complexity of the patient’s condition. Jiahui Health reserves the right of price interpretation and adjustment. All prices are indicated in RMB.


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