Bedroom and Living Room

    •      Cover your pillows and mattresses with special zippered covers that keep dust mites away

    •      Use washable blanket instead of a comforter

    •      Use washable, vinyl or roll-type window covers

    •      Use washable rugs instead of carpets

    •      Vacuum floor and mattress weekly using a vacuum cleaner that has a ''HEPA filter'' (HEPA filter: High efficiency particulate air filter)

    •      Every week, wash the following in hot water with detergent or dry them in an electric dryer:

    •      If possible remove soft toys, clutter and fabric-covered furniture



    •      Every 4 weeks, dilute 30 ml bleach in 1 liter of water, clean the sinks, tubs, surfaces with visible mold

    •      Avoid using strongly scented aerosol air fresheners


    •      Well-ventilate cooking areas

    •      Kill cockroaches by using multiple baited traps or poison

    •      Remove cockroach debris quickly

    •      Remove garbage and food waste promptly

    •      Wash dishes and cooking utensils immediately after use

    •      Keep kitchen sink and drains dry. Mend leaking faucets or drains


    Air quality

    •      Air the room well if you have new furniture or carpet

    •      If air pollution is bad, keep windows and doors closed

    •      Reduce moisture in the air to less than 50%. Avoid using a humidifier

    •      Keep your home smoke-free



    If you can,

    •      Keep all animals outside of the house 

    •      After that, clean your home thoroughly

    If you cannot remove your pets,

    •      Use an air filter with a ''HEPA filter''

    •      Reduce clutter in your home where allergens can build up (especially carpets, fabric-covers, etc.)

    •      Vacuum floor with a vacuum cleaner that has a ''HEPA filter'' weekly

    •      If you have a dog, bathe your dog 2 times a week

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