1. Gently blow nose to clear nostrils.                   


    2. Wash hands with soapy water before using the spray.

    3. Remove the cap from the spray.

    4. Gently shake the spray. If using it for the first time, shake and spray it into the air several times to ensure that it is in good condition.


    5. Tilt head slightly forward (look down at feet).

    6. Close one nostril; gently press against the side of the nose with one finger.

    7. Insert tip of nasal spray into open nostril and slowly breathe in through the open nostril, and while breathing in squeeze the spray to deliver one dose. It is important to keep the spray upright (do not sniff hard as the spray will travel straight to the back of the throat, failing to deposit any medication in the nostril).



    8. Remove spray from the nose and breathe out through the mouth. Tilt head backwards for about a minute to prevent the liquid spray running out of the nose. If two puffs of a nasal spray are to be applied to each nostril, try to aim in a slightly different direction with each spray to cover as much of the lining of the nose as is possible.

    9. Repeat in other nostril as directed. Nasal sprays may cause an unpleasant taste when draining into the throat. A drink of water  will help remove the taste.

    10. Dry the nozzle with a paper towel ,replace cap on spray.

    11. Try not to blow nose for several minutes after using the spray.

    《 药学实践 Applied Pharmaceutical Practice》



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