Items from the “Diazepam Rectal Use Kit”:
    1. Diazepam injection: 10mg/2ml *1 amp
    2. Rectal tube x 1
    3. Syringe 5ml x1
    4. Lubricating Jelly

    Step1: Put person on their side where they can’t fall.

    Step 2: Get the “Diazepam Rectal Use Kit”.

    Step 3: Gently tap the liquid down if the liquid is at the top of the ampoule. Break the glass ampoule on the blue dot. Use a piece of tissue paper or cloth to protect your thumb.

    Step 4: Draw        ml solution (dosage of diazepam 5mg/ml from your doctor) using the syringe and needle from the kit. Remove the needle from syringe, cap and discard the needle.

    Step 5: Get the rectal tube. Attach the black part of the tube to the medication-filled syringe. Lubricate the white part of the tube with the lubricating jelly.

    Step 6: Turn person on side facing you.

    Step 7: Bend upper leg forward to expose rectum. 

    Step 8: Separate buttocks to expose rectum.

    Step 9: Gently insert white part of the rectal tube at least half length into the rectum with the syringe attached.

    Step 10 to Step 13:
    10. Slowly count to 3 while gently pushing plunger in until it stops.
    11. Slowly count to 3 before removing syringe from rectum.

    12. Slowly count to 3 while holding buttocks together to prevent leakage.

    13. Keep person on side facing you, note time given and continue to observe.

    Note:Discard all used materials in the garbage can. Do not reuse it. Discard in a safe place away from children.



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