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    • Our pediatric surgeons provide top quality surgical services for patients from birth through to the age of 16, improving both the function and appearance of body structures, to enable a better quality of life. The pediatric surgery department advocates precision treatment and exceptional service. The medical team endeavors to improve the hospital experience of each and every child, through comprehensive care extending from operations to guidance on postoperative care and rehabilitation.

      • Newborn surgical services: newborn circumcision, tongue-tie, and neonatal vomiting, hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, intestinal atresia, HSCR(hirschsprung disease), ARM(Anorectal malformation)rare disease, etc;

      • Gastrointestinal diseases and abnormal function: inguinal hernia, appendicitis, intussusception, abdominal distension and pain, appendicitis, intussusception, malrotation, bloody stool, constipation, anal fissure, perianal abscess, anal fistula, Meckel diverticulum, alimentary tract duplication, congenital choledochal cyst, internal hernia, hiatus hernia, congenital abnormality, etc.;

      • Genitourinary diseases and abnormal function: circumcision, hygiene managements of uncircumcised penis, hydrocele, undescended testicle, acute scrotum, hypospadias, hydronephrosis, renal dysplasia, ureterocele, ectopic ureters, VUR, posterior urethral valve, ambiguous genitalia, adhesion of labia minora, ovarian cyst, etc.;

      • General injuries: nursemaid elbow, head and abdominal injuries, etc.;

      • Masses & solid tumors: superficial masses, abdominal masses, retroperitoneum tumors,  Wilm’s tumor, neuroblastoma, adrenal tumor, adrenal hemorrhage, infantile hemangioma, lymphangioma, etc.;

      • Laparoscopic surgery: treat appendicitis, inguinal hernia, intestinal duplication, congenital choledochal cyst with laparoscopy.

      • Prenatal consultation and second diagnostic opinion. 
    • Advise service is available in Jiahui(Jing'an). Day surgery and advise service are available in Jiahui(Yangpu). All the services are available in Jiahui International Hospital.

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      Eric LI, MD

      Pediatric Surgery
      Pediatric Orthopedics Clinic
      Jiahui International Hospital
      Jiahui Health (Jing'an)
      普通话,  English
      Doctor's bio

      Dr. Eric Li obtained his Master Degree of Pediatrics from Fudan University in 2008, and worked in Shanghai Childre...

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      Guomin WANG, MD, PhD

      Pediatric Surgery
      Jiahui International Hospital
      普通话,  日本語
      Doctor's bio


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    • Affordable prices set your mind at ease

      Service Name Price Unit Price
      Primary care consultation fee per visit 300-1000
      Specialist consultation fee per visit 500-1500

      * Consultation fee is determined by clinicians according to the complexity of the patient’s condition. Jiahui Health reserves the right to interpret and adjust prices. All prices in RMB.


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