Jiahui International Hospital has launched a cardiac catheterization laboratory, offering world-class cardiovascular medical services to patients in Shanghai.

    The incidence and mortality rates of cardiovascular diseases in China are rising every year and it is estimated the country has 290 million patients with the disease. Cardiovascular disease is the top killer in China, accounting for more than 40 percent of deaths.

    Jiahui is the only wholly-foreign funded international hospital in Shanghai and the only private hospital among the 33 designated medical facilities for the third China International Import Expo.

    A team from the hospital led by Dr Wei Meng, an expert member of the Chinese Society of Cardiology took part in the recent First Cardiovascular Symposium hosted by Jiahui.

    Jiahui provides treatment for various cardiovascular diseases, covering not only screening and diagnosis, but also minimally invasive treatment.

    Its treatment also targets coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, left atrial appendage occlusion and various blood-vessel-related diseases.

    “A good cardiac catheterization laboratory is the base of the treatment of many heart-related diseases,” said Dr Ge Junbo, a cardiovascular disease expert from Zhongshan Hospital, who was at the launch of the laboratory.

    “Dr Wei is a veteran and experienced cardiologist and his participation will significantly boost the development of the Cardiology Department of Jiahui,” said Dr Ge.

    “Jiahui has accumulated outstanding comments in the industry despite its short operation period, and it is expected that such a foreign-funded hospital will satisfy the diversified demand of patients,” said Dr Qian Juying, vice president of Zhongshan Hospital, in a congratulatory speech on video.

    Jiahui is among the first batch of comprehensive international hospitals in the city to provide cardiovascular services.

    Jiahui has established a radiology and imaging department and nuclear medicine department, making it able to conduct imaging diagnosis technologies such as cardiac radionuclide imaging, cardiac CT perfusion imaging and delayed cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

    These examinations play an important role in the diagnosis, risk stratification and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

    This enables the Cardiology Department to engage in the treatment of patients in other departments and conduct treatment on patients with complications such as perinatal heart disease and perioperative management of patients with high risk heart disease.

    Other departments are also able to transfer patients to the cardiovascular department to eliminate potential cardiovascular dangers as soon as possible thanks to Jiahui’s multi-disciplinary treatment approach.

    Recently, a French patient found to have abnormal symptoms was transferred to the hospital’s Cardiology Department.

    After further testing, the patient was found to have a 95 percent narrowing of the right coronary artery, which was very dangerous, said Dr Wei.

    Dr Wei worked out a stent surgery solution that rapidly improved the patient’s condition, which will be monitored during follow-up visits.

    In Jiahui, medical and nursing teams follow international standards to create practical and effective long-term management for cardiology patients.

    During the symposium, Dr Andrew Zhu, Director of the Jiahui International Cancer Center and a professor at Harvard Medical School, made a speech on the development of Cardio-Oncology, marking the start of cross-department research in the area by Jiahui.

    Cardio-Oncology, a sub-specialty that takes care of patients with cancer who suffer from cardiovascular disease, is an emerging subject which requires the participation of experts from different areas.

    Jiahui will continue to pursue research and exploration in such advanced fields, as it only provides a better and safer medical treatment experience for patients, but also boost the development of departments and raise medical treatment levels.

    Dr Wei and Dr Zhu also announced the launch of the Jiahui cardiac tumor academic salon.

    Experts in oncology and cardiology from home and abroad will conduct regular discussions and research at the hospital to promote the development of cardiac tumor treatment in China and improve outcomes for patients.


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