Recently, the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) Systematic Training Course on Oncoplastic Surgery and Breast-conserving Techniques was officially launched in China through Jiahui International Hospital. Jiahui International Hospital is committed to exploring innovations in international surgical technology through its inter-disciplinary surgical training series.

    Founded in 1981, ESSO, whose members include surgical oncologists from countries around the world, organizes the large st surgical oncology congress in Europe every year, providing a platform for high-quality academic research and skill exchange among clinicians.

    On December 4, 2020, ESSO's Oncoplastic Surgery and Breast-conserving Techniques Training Course officially began at Jiahui International Hospital, providing a platform for Chinese breast surgeons to communicate and learn from foreign breast surgery experts through live online instruction, round-table discussion, on-site Q&A, surgical demonstrations, etc. Dr. Tibor Kovacs, ESSO Chairman (2018-2020) and Director of Breast Surgery at Jiahui International Hospital and Professor Wu Jiong, Vice President and Chief of Breast Surgery at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FUSCC), served as co-chairs of the training session.

    Dr. Kovacs and Professor Wu introduced the course at the launch ceremony held at Jiahui International Hospital, where Professor Wu expressed his gratitude to Dr. Kovacs for his dedication to promoting the international exchange of surgical technology. On behalf of FUSCC, Dr. Kovacs was presented with a special "Honorary Professor" certificate.

    During the training courses on December 4 and 5, Chinese doctors were connected with British and French experts remotely, bringing the latest advances in breast cancer surgery and oncoplastic breast-conserving techniques to thousands of doctors and scholars at home and abroad. In the related practical sessions, participants were able to perform simulated surgery using synthetic models and were guided by senior breast surgeons from FUSCC and Jiahui International Hospital.

    According to Dr. John Hsiang, Chief Medical Officer of Jiahui Health and Clinical President of Jiahui International Hospital, in the future, Jiahui International Hospital will continue to hold similar international, high-level training courses to provide a platform for exchange and improvement for Chinese and foreign doctors.


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