Since its opening more than three years ago, Jiahui International Hospital has always been committed to providing sincere and professional medical services to pregnant women from all over the world.


    In order to better fulfill that commitment, Jiahui International Hospital is opening a Midwife Clinic, allowing our midwives to help happy families waiting for a new member, accompany pregnant women to complete the difficult but joyful delivery process, and witness the birth and growth of life.

    Jiahui midwife outpatient service

    •VR provides a realistic view of the delivery room and better prepares mothers for the delivery process;

    •Consultation during pregnancy, developing personalized delivery plans and guidance;

    •Family delivery mode and delivery process guidance;

    •Postpartum breastfeeding guidance;

    •Bilingual services available.

    Clinic location

    The "Midwife Clinic" of the Jiahui Health Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is located on the 5th Floor, Outpatient Department at Jiahui International Hospital

    Clinic hours

    Every Friday (full day, limited to 10 people)

    Patients who will be delivering their baby at Jiahui can enjoy one free visit to the Midwife Clinic. Time slots for appointments will cost 300 RMB/30 minutes.


    Special event

    In order to give back to the expectant mothers who have been following and supporting Jiahui for so long, Jiahui Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology will offer 10 free appointments on April 30 and on May 9th (Mother’s Day).


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