Jiahui Initiated The Global Cancer Immunotherapy Leadership Acceleration Program

    The development of immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitor and CAR-T therapy has created a new landscape of cancer treatment. A few immune checkpoint inhibitors have been approved by regulatory authorities around the world. With Opdivo and Keytruda being available in select cities across China, cancer treatment in China has slowly entered the era of immunotherapy. Many Chinese patients now have access to the most advanced immune-oncology treatments, locally.However, international oncologists with rich clinical experience in immunotherapy remind us that the therapeutic effect of immunotherapy is determined by various factors such as the tumor itself, the tumor microenvironment and the immune system, and their use is often accompanied by dermatological and gastrointestinal toxicities, myocarditis, acute interstitial nephritis and endocrine disorders. Therefore, the availability of drugs does not mean definite benefit. In order to deliver the maximum benefit and widely apply immunotherapy, Chinese oncologists should firstly learn to manage toxicities and improve its effectiveness by learning from existing international clinical experience and evidence.On November 18, 2018, Jiahui Health, the first innovative health care ecosystem in China that follows the international standards and integrates clinical service, education and research, together with its U.S. strategic collaborator Massachusetts General Hospital, and its sister organization NEJM 医学前沿, which is co-founded by Jiahui and New England Journal of Medicine, co-organized the 2018 International Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium. More than ten well-recognized leading oncologists and scientists, from home and abroad, including Dr. Andrew Zhu, Professor at Harvard Medical School, Director of Liver Cancer Research at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Director of Experimental Therapeutics and Clinical Research for the Jiahui-Mass General Cancer Center collaboration; Dr. Chien-Shing Chen, Executive Director at Jiahui International Cancer Center and Consultant at Massachusetts General Hospital; Dr. Meghan Mooradian, Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center; Dr. Aparna Parikh, Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Oncologist at the Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancer and the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Massachusetts General Hospital; Dr. Shukui Qin, Vice President of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 81 Hospital (Nanjing, China), Director of Cancer Center of Chinese PLA, Director of National Drug Clinical Trial Agency; Dr. Shun Lu, Professor of Shanghai Chest Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Director, Shanghai Clinical Medicaarna l Center for Pulmonary Oncology gathered in Shanghai to have discussion on the mechanism of immunotherapy and the future of clinical research. They shared their opinions with more than 300 oncologists at the conference hall and thousands of oncologists online on their rich experience in using immune checkpoint inhibitors to treat patients and tackle cancer.At the event, Mr. Ge Feng, CEO of Jiahui Health, announced the initiation of “Jiahui Global Cancer Immunotherapy Leadership Acceleration Program”, connecting Chinese oncologists and the international healthcare community to accelerate the development of immunotherapy frontiers, exchange experience gained from practice, and improve the clinical application, and research and development of immunotherapy in China.In the coming year, a step-wise clinical application education course system on four dimensions will be offered to oncologists in six major cities nationwide within the framework of this program, over the course of four dimensions. First is content learning by using the NEJM医学前沿 platform and other leading international online clinical learning resources; second is face-to-face education by international and domestic experts, sharing practical experience based on clinical cases; third is generating guidelines for specific clinical applications through international symposiums to understand the variation in applications between China and western countries; and fourth is to generate case reports by Chinese oncologists with hands-on tutoring from editors of world-class academic journals, thus improving the research capabilities of Chinese clinicians and leading the development of medicine in China in the long term.Dr. Andrew Zhu, Professor at Harvard Medical School Director, Director of Liver Cancer Research Group at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, proposed the following strategies for Jiahui Health: 1) rapid expansion of access to checkpoint inhibitors for cancer patients; 2) implementation of education and vigorous training to ensure quality and safety for patients safety on IO therapy; 3) building a close partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital to develop novel immunotherapy clinical trials; 4) development of novel CAR-T immunotherapies; 5) development of genomic molecular biomarkers to predict clinical efficacy, resistance, and toxicity.“Jiahui Health has always been committed to creating an innovative healthcare ecosystem that integrates clinical service, education and research. Among them, professional clinical education for medical talents is a very important mission,” commented Mr. Feng Ge. “At present, immunotherapy is a hot topic for physicians and important tool for patients to get rid of their disease. Immunotherapy course is selected as the first specialty course in the Jiahui Global Cancer Immunotherapy Leadership Acceleration Program, as the first specialty course of its kind, to help local oncologists quickly understand the mechanism of immunotherapy, its clinical application and management of related side effects, as well as to expand accessibility of Chinese patients to the same level of treatment as that in world-class top hospitals. At the same time, Jiahui Health will continue to create more practical clinical education courses for Chinese doctors, not limited to the field of cancer.”

    Jiahui: Designated Hospital for Import Expo

    In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that China will hold China International Import Expo (CIIE) starting from 2018.It is a significant move for the Chinese government to hold CIIE to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world. It facilitates countries and regions all over the world to strengthen economic cooperation and trade, and to promote global trade and world economic growth in order to make the world economy more open.This important expo will be held in Nov 5-10, 2018, Shanghai.At present, as the media reported, all industries in the city have started preparations for the expo, which is expected to attract leading governmental officials and tens of thousands of visitors from home and abroad.Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission published a list of 18 designated hospitals which can offer high-quality service and health care during the event.Jiahui International Hospital, the only international hospital on the list, will be mainly responsible for the health of overseas visitors and guests. It has prepared a team of medical professionals from nine countries who can offer international-standard, multi-lingual service.Jiahui International Hospital is part of Jiahui Health, an international healthcare ecosystem in China, which aims to provide comprehensive world-class healthcare.This integrated healthcare system consists of a 500-bed international tertiary level hospital, clinics, and wellness center.Jiahui also has an international clinical team, with more than 25% of our physicians coming from various countries around the world, and with three leadership physicians serving joint appointments at both Jiahui Health and Mass General. Since 2016, Jiahui serves as an exclusive medical service provider to support a range of sports teams and events.

    Jiahui Awarded First LEED Gold for Healthcare

    Shanghai leads China in healthy city construction, and the World Health Organization has spoken highly of Shanghai on a number of occasions for its experience and great success in building a healthy city, commending it for being a global role model enhancing health promotion in theory and in practice. Recently, Jiahui International Hospital, the first tertiary international hospital in Shanghai, was awarded LEED Gold Certification for healthcare construction, the highest international rating LEED BD+C: Healthcare, making it the first healthcare institute in mainland China to receive such an award.Mahesh Ramanujam, President & CEO of USGBC, visited Jiahui International Hospital on January 17 to present the award.  Jiahui International Hospital approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, strategically collaborated and co-branded with Massachusetts General Hospital, and comprehensively complying with international standards, is the first tertiary general international hospital in Shanghai. It is the largest construction and design project of its kind in Shanghai so far. Jiahui International Hospital has partnered with design firm NBBJ, the same firm that worked on world-leading medical institutes such as Mass General Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. The design provided by NBBJ added more natural elements to the construction as well as high-tech “healing” innovation concepts featuring “care for the mind and body” and “comprehensive care”. These concepts can reduce pressure, shorten the hospital stay, and enable an unparalleled treatment and rehabilitation experience.Joining hands with Bureau Veritas, Jiahui International Hospital has an environmentally-sustainable design strategy, reducing water and energy consumption to the greatest possible extent while reducing waste and emission of greenhouse gases. Through low-volatility environmentally-friendly building materials and the world’s most advanced air-conditioning design, Jiahui International Hospital can more effectively increase the quality of indoor and surrounding air. The orientation and clay exterior allow optimal absorption of heat from the sun. The hospital also features a highly efficient central energy center and green material processing mechanism, to make the environment as green and healthy as possible.First time the variable air volume (VAV) box has been used in China for air filtering and ventilation, to guarantee that air is safe and the air temperature is comfortable for patients.The natural clay exterior enables absorption of energy from the sun. The curved edges and warm colors ease the cold, oppressive feeling that can be associated with a hospital. The three hospital buildings are especially designed to reduce transmission of noise and increase light throughout all passageways so that patients can enjoy a bright and peaceful stay.Only mercury-free LED lights are used in the hospital, and metallic conduits are all free from lead, chromium, and copper.Research shows that being close to nature can help to free people from stress and reduce time spent staying in hospitals. That is why NBBJ created an elegant garden environment at Jiahui International Hospital. The garden courtyard is the central feature of the hospital, lush with plants and trees, and with paths and water features throughout. No matter where you are in the courtyard, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful views, which can be easily accessed from all areas within the hospital. This not only enables nature to be infused into the hospital environment, but allows the patients to have a better experience. Built and promoted by USGBC, LEED is so far the most influential evaluation standard in the world regarding the assessments of architectural surrounding, environmental friendliness, as well as sustainability. LEED is aimed to effectively decrease negative impacts to the environment and residents as well through design, so that a thorough and precise concept of “green architecture” would be standardized. In order to be certified by LEED, the architecture has to have outstanding performances in terms of sustainable site selection, energy and water saving, carbon emission, internal environment, use of eco-friendly materials, innovative design, and more. LEED BD+C: Healthcare is especially estimable for the high-tech and energy-consuming nature of architectures, which makes LEED BD+C: Healthcare certificate - especially its gold certificate - even harder to reach. USGBC shared with us that there are now four LEED BD+C: Healthcare certificated institutes in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and that Jiahui International Hospital is the only healthcare institute in mainland China to have received LEED Gold Certification. Jiahui International Hospital now stands side by side with other top healthcare institutes of the world who share the same level of certification, including the Massachusetts General Hospital Lunder Building, Columbia University Medical Center, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.About Jiahui International HospitalJiahui International Hospital, approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and co-branded with Massachusetts General Hospital, is the first tertiary international hospital in Shanghai. Operations were launched, opening 246 of its 500 beds in phase one, 2017. The hospital is centrally located at 689 Guiping Road in Xuhui district, and offers a range of specialty medical services, including its two centers of excellence—The Women’s Health Center and Oncology Center, as well as orthopedics and sports medicine and pediatrics.About Jiahui HealthJiahui Health is the first foreign-funded “international hospital/clinic/wellness center” hub & spoke healthcare ecosystem meeting international standards. Established in 2009, Jiahui Health is headquartered in Shanghai and enjoys an extensive long-term partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, with collaboration on planning, operations management, medical training, and clinical research to attain leading international standards on quality standards.The Jiahui Health ecosystem encompasses a 500-bed international hospital; a series of satellite clinics offering specialist services from family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, dentistry, rehabilitation, clinical psychology, day surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy, CT/MRI imaging diagnostics; and wellness centers focusing on nutrition, body sculpting, sub health management, and mental health management. Jiahui Health covers each major center throughout the city, meeting the healthcare and wellness needs of families through a lifetime relationship. Jiahui is devoted to providing Chinese and international patients with care, convenience, value, and quality, throughout their life journey as Your Partner for Life.About NBBJFounded in 1943 with many decades of experience working in China, NBBJ specializes in helping clients drive innovation by designing highly productive, sustainable spaces that make it easy for people to learn, work, play, and live. Ranked by Fast Company, a U.S. publication, as one of the top 10 most innovative architecture firms in the world and named by Popular Science as the architecture firm “de rigueur” for the tech industry, NBBJ designs environments for leading organizations like Google, Tencent, Amazon, Samsung, Alibaba, Suning, and Microsoft as well as leading healthcare institutions like Cambridge University, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, NYU Langone Medical Center. and Stanford University. In addition to its eight international locations, NBBJ has three offices in China: Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. 

    Jiahui Opens Flagship Hospital in Shanghai

    Shanghai — Jiahui Health Network today launched a 500-bed flagship hospital and an international multidisciplinary treatment (MDT) platform as the first of its kind in Shanghai where demand for world-class medical services is on the rise. Local patients no longer need to resort to medical tourism for top-notch treatments as Jiahui is bringing in resources from prestigious institutions like Boston-based Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General), the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.Starting with oncology, Jiahui’s MDT platform will provide medical services at the same standards as Mass General in process, quality and patient care. Top-notch US and Chinese oncologists will work together on diagnosis, treatment plans, making the best medical solutions available to patients from Shanghai and beyond.On October 18th, as a prelude to the launch of Jiahui’s MDT platform, the 2017 Cancer Patients and Families Conference was hosted by two leading oncology experts from Jiahui International Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, with the support of an international professional team specialized in gastroenteric tumor, advising on patient care, mental health, and nutrition.Together, they helped more than one hundred patients and their families cope with the emotional and social challenges of cancer, introducing to them the idea of living with cancer and holistic care while encouraging them to fight illness.Jiahui International Hospital, which opened today as Shanghai’s first tertiary general international hospital after eight years in the making, has a long-term strategic collaboration with Mass General. This partnership includes consultation from Mass General regarding overall planning for Jiahui International Hospital, operations management, medical training, and clinical research.The launch of Jiahui’s new facility and platform was applauded for helping Shanghai upgrade its healthcare by the Shanghai Municipal Government, which was represented by Weng Tiehui, Shanghai Vice-Mayor in charge of healthcare, and Wu Jinglei, General of the Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Committee at the launching ceremony.Improving public health is part of Shanghai’s big picture of establishing itself as an Asian medical hub and becoming a global city of excellence, both on top of its agenda for 2030. “The city encourages the development of social-invested medical facilities. It is also the request of public health reform, which can improve local health capability and service through cooperation with world-leading professionals and facilities like Massachusetts General Hospital to help build Shanghai into an Asian medical hub,” said Wu Jinglei, director of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission.David Cook, President of Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, and Greg Pauly, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Massachusetts General Hospital, were also present at the launching ceremony, bearing witness to the latest accomplishments of a long-term cooperation between the two organizations. Build Flagship Hospital with Local Partners, and Global Standards, TalentsA project Chicago initiated at the Sino-US Economic and Trade Forum in 2011, Jiahui International Hospital is at the forefront of China’s healthcare reform, driving forward its diversification beyond public hospitals while combining international standards with local resources to deliver the best practice.Under a partnership with top-tier Shanghai Renji Hospital, Jiahui establishes a platform for industry-leading education, clinical practice, and residency training. Through teaming up with Xinhua Hospital, Jiahui International Hospital becomes the first foreign hospital to join a local medical treatment partnership in Yangpu District, enabling multi-site licensed practices of doctors, which encourages doctors to practice at multiple sites, as well as medical referrals and consultant across different medical facility. Located in Caohejing High-Tech Park in Xuhui District, the hospital is now open for outpatient services. It will initially focus on family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, oncology, gynecology, dermatology, dentistry, and surgery before broadening its services to care for inpatients, perform operations, and other specialties.The hospital is now headed by David Cook from Mayo Clinic. John Hsiang, Chief Medical Officer of Jiahui, was Director of Neurosurgery at the Swedish Medical Center; Dr. CS Chen, Executive Director of the Cancer Center at Jiahui, used to lead the Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California. In the past 3 years, tens of new hires have been picked out of hundreds of foreign applicants globally. Under its partnership with Mass General, Jiahui has provided over 600 medical and management training trips to the U.S. Set Benchmarks in Healthcare Services with Life-Long and Holistic CareAs a good healthcare complement to the public healthcare system, Jiahui aims to build Shanghai’s first integrated system consisting of international general hospital as well as ambulatory centers and wellness centers. Its first wellness center targeting stressed-out white-collars will open next year in Jing’an district to offer nutrition management of diet, physical and mental health, and fitness health, all considered critical factors in one’s life-long precautions against illness.Jiahui’s holistic care philosophy is embodied everywhere in its hospital, where a sense of healing is enhanced by the mellow curves in design as well as the lush green and warm sunshine in a courtyard surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The designer NBBJ have also done design work for world-leading healthcare institutes such as Mass General and Cleveland Clinic, with its very own “healing” innovative design, implying a concept of “care for the body and mind” and “comprehensive care”, releasing patients from pressure, to shorten the patient’s hospital stay.The hospital is the first in China to adopt a variable air volume (VAV) box filtration and pneumatic control system, whose optimal temperature and humidity control ensures the comfort of patients. And its vehicle- and cargo-free ground logistics management is upheld to the standards of the customer-centric Disneyland in Shanghai.Drawing on inputs from world-class institutions like Mass General, Jiahui commits to make hospital visits as hassle-free as possible from day one by putting patients at the center of everything it does. All patient interviews, pre-treatments, routine tests, diagnoses, prescriptions, and patient education will be coordinated and conducted in a single room, with no need for a patient to do the legwork. This all-new kind of service model is what Jiahui in its initial preparation stages studied and established with the guidance and consultation of Mass General and other leading overseas healthcare institutes.


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